Our experience in the world of the internet dates back to 1993.
Soon after we built the first HTML pages for ourselves and clients, and it was a short step to developing dynamic websites.
Today, Samedia specialises in
  • Catalogue systems of any kind. Whatever you can catalogize, we can bring it to the internet
  • Shop systems
  • Im - and export interfaces
  • Database connectivity
With databases becoming larger and websites more complicated, it is important that you can handle your data easily and don't get lost in your pool of information.
There are too many websites already with no life in them because nobody knows how to handle them.
That's why we do not want to build the most colourful interfaces, our goal is to build them so people feel at home in them and intuitevly know how to use them.
We are working mainly with an Apache/PHP environment on Linux, BSD or any other *NIX flavour. We can handle most database types on the market and are quite fluid in Python, XML and Javascript.
Since most of our work is invisible to the outside it is not too easy to show something really impressing here. However, we will try our best. Please have a look at our references!


This is an address database containing more than 1.000.000 entries. It is being used for various purposes such as email, phone and address marketing. The data is imported from different sources on a daily basis.
Consistency, speed and security are the main issues here.
Free online lottery system.
Daily Transfer of up to 900.000 sets of player data to the server providing the draw.
Administration interface for draw-/player accounting, extensive statistics, maintenance tools, banner administration, monitoring of all crontab driven system tasks.
Sweepstake database.
Administration interface to control data for games, keywords and cooperation partners.
Statistics for performance, clicks and billing of sponsored entries.
The databaseĀ is being used by many external partners. This made it necessary to create an extremely flexible output interface for various layouts and formats (HTML, CSV, XML)
E-Commerce system.
Resulting from a lot of special requirements (timed special offers, discount levels, different shipping costs, free extra gifts, all depending on ordered item amount, order sum and country) this shop is a completely new development built from scratch.
It also features an administration interface to control items, orders and customer data.
The system has a development mode in which new features or items can be added without being viewable to the outside,
Hotel database with reservation facilities.
This is a development of our company that has quickly become the leading regional platform for hotels.
For details on this project, please view our Samos Hotels product page
Another development by our company lead to this Open Source Real Estate database system.
For details on this project, please view our Landshop product page
A real estate catalogue system we developed for a Greek company.
Both front- and backend are completely built by us and form the base of the Landshop OS system (see above)
This has been the first internet presentation of a Samian real estate company. Meanwhile it is not the only one anymore, but still by far the most successful.
The program is constantly being kept up to date while progress is mainly integrated into the Landshop development as well and vice versa.